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Diversity Training

Diversity Training

Diversity Training

We use this eLearning template to rapidly and economically develop Diversity and Inclusion training programs.

This template reduces time needed to design and structure the program, allowing for more time to be spent on customising the program to suit your needs.

We recommend following this eLearning program with embedding activities such as toolbox talks or group discussions to share insights and support learning transfer.

Learning Objective

This eLearning program aims to cultivate a diverse and inclusive workplace environment by fostering an environment of respect, creating a space where people feel safe, and empowering employees to be their authentic selves.

It highlights that promoting diversity, inclusion, and belonging is everyone’s responsibility, and explains how each employee can contribute to a more diverse, inclusive, and supportive culture.

Structure and Content

The program begins by defining the terms diversity, inclusion, and belonging, and their importance – including employee wellbeing and business advantages.

Learners think critically about their understanding of what a diverse workplace looks like.

It provides an overview of their organisation’s plan for improving diversity and inclusion, and how they aim to achieve these objectives

Learners complete a (secure and anonymous) inclusion survey to help their organisation collect data to identify issues, make adjustments, and create an even more inclusive, supportive culture.

Learners then discover their role in driving change, including recognising and overcoming their own unconscious biases, challenging systemic inequality, and advocating for others.

Interactive Elements

Interactive scenarios







Templated Courses

Templated Courses

Our Templated Courses

We have a range of flexible templated courses that we can tailor for your organisation. This means reduced development times and reduced costs; giving you a high-quality training package quickly and economically.

Each template is packed with interactive elements and other features from our standard eLearning inclusions.

You may choose to add more value by including some of our optional eLearning elements, such as bespoke videos, branching scenarios, infographics, and embedding activities.

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At Instructional Design Australia, we specialise in the rapid creation of visually engaging and responsive eLearning.

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