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Level 2 & 3: Immersive eLearning Development

Below is selection of some of Instructional Design Australia’s recent eLearning development. IDA are experts in rapid eLearning development.

Sales Embedding - FMCG

This project called for a series of short eLearning or ‘bite sized’ courses that were released weekly to embed a larger face to face learning program.

Up skilling Nurse Practitioners with eLearning - Health

In this eLearning course, IDA developed, recast and contextualised  a series of dated eLearning programs from another country to an Australian context whilst improving the user experience.

Platform Managment - Public Transport

In this eLearning project IDA created a course to upskill the existing workforce on techniques to improve the efficiency of the rail network through improved dwell management techniques. An existing video was incorporated into the course.


Using Meditation to Increase Wellness - Health

In this eLearning example, IDA was engaged to build a course that will be replicated into an app. The course focusses on mediation to increases wellness and incorporated a number of videos the client had produced.


Making Better Announcements eLearning - Public Transport

In this Digital eLearning piece Instructional Design Australia was supplied a series of instructional videos. IDA create a digital learning piece to better frame the videos and appeal to a wider variety of learning styles.  In addition to the multiple interactive elements knowledge checks and quizzes were added.

Up Skilling for Doctors - Health

This eLearning course focused on the important topic of cessation of smoking during pregnancy.  The eLearning course featured videos, interactive elements and downloadable files.

Harassment and Discrimination - General

This online eLearning course featured a number of scenario driven interactions and videos to engage learners on the importance of appropriate workplace behaviours.

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These eLearning courses will adapt to mobile, tablets and computers.  Once you have opened a course, you can simply paste the URL into your preferred device.

If you’d like to know more about how we can develop an eLearning to meet your needs, email us at or call us on +61 3 5988 9887.

Managing Ill Passengers - Public Transport

This eLearningl course featured a compelling explainer video, scenarios and various interactive elements.

Caring for Pregnant Clients - Health

This online learning course featured various engaging elements included assessments and videos.  and focused on sensitively presented challenging information and techniques to health professionals working with pregnant clients in challenging circumstances.

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