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Our Online eLearning Solutions

At Instructional Design Australia, we specialise in the rapid creation of visually engaging and responsive online learning, eLearning training solutions.

(This video provides a snapshot of our Instructional Design Courses.)

At Instructional Design Australia, we create visually engaging, interactive and responsive eLearning training programs.

Our typical online learning programs come with standard inclusions that encompass a wide range of interactive elements, multimedia, visual features and quiz types.

We also offer optional inclusions to take eLearning training programs to the next level.

Need a program developed fast? We can produce eLearning swiftly and economically using our rapid eLearning development approach, suitable for projects under time pressures, or with a limited budget.

Our accessible eLearning programs support Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, making them fully accessible to screen reader users and keyboard-only users.

Standard Inclusions


Modern Look and Feel

We use authoring tools that deliver content in a captivating way.



No desktop? No worries!
Our programs are compatible with a large range of devices, including smartphones, tablets and desktops, making learning convenient in time and place.


Easy Navigation

We use intuitive navigational features for a user-friendly experience.


Interactive Elements

We use a variety of interactive elements to make learning engaging, including: labelled graphics, interactive scenarios, processes and timelines, flashcards, accordions and tabs.


Knowledge Checks, Quizzes and Assessment

We use a variety of knowledge checks throughout our programs to allow learners to confirm their understand before moving on.
Quizzes and assessments are used to evaluate the learner’s knowledge and skills development, and feed data to the LMS.



Embedding multimedia enhances engagement, strengthens understanding of concepts and increases knowledge retention.
We can incorporate: video, audio, images/galleries, attachments and links.

Optional Inclusions

We offer a wide range of optional inclusions to add further value to programs.

You can select elements that can be highly customised, tailored to your specific needs.

Participants are immersed in their learning experience via elements that may include bespoke videos, simulations, branching scenarios and gamification that bring learning to life in a real-world context. We work closely with clients to produce videos and infographics that support an immersive learning experience.

Rapid eLearning Development

These types of eLearning development can be produced rapidly and economically, making them a suitable solution for projects under time pressures, or with a limited budget.

Accessible (WCAG 2.0 compliant) eLearning

These eLearning programs support Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, making them fully accessible to screen reader users and keyboard-only users.

How much does eLearning development cost?

Online learning or eLearning development varies in cost, time and level of complexity. As a starting point, we offer standard inclusions that encompass a wide range of interactive elements, multimedia, visual features and quiz types.

We also offer optional inclusions to take eLearning training programs to the next level.

Find Out More

Why Online Learning or eLearning?

Have you identified a learning need in your organisation?

Is the target audience geographically dispersed?

Are you under a time and/or budget crunch that limits travel/off-the-job opportunities for face-to-face learning?

Do you need to deliver training to a large number of employees?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, online learning may be the solution for your needs.

Online learning is convenient for busy employees and aligns with the needs of modern learners.  Its flexibility in both time and place allows participants to access and complete learning around their work and personal commitments. For organisation, it often proves more cost-effective and practical than face to face delivery.  eLearning can also be used as an embedding, communication or pre-learning tool as part of end-to-end learning programs.

What are the preference of the learners in todays workplace?

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Try Our Online Learning Programs

Click the links below to try an interactive eLearning Program:

These programs will adapt to mobile, tablets and computers.  Once you have opened a course, you can simply paste the URL into your preferred device.

If you’d like to know more about how we can develop an online learning solution to meet your needs, email us at or call us on +61 3 5988 9887.


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See samples of some of our recent eLearning projects.

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