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Why Online Learning or eLearning?

Have you identified a learning need in your organisation?

Is the target audience geographically dispersed?

Are you limited on time and/or resources to enable the target audience to travel to a face-to-face workshop?

Do you need to deliver training to a large number of employees?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, online learning may be the solution for your training needs!

Online learning is convenient for those who lead busy lives, and let’s face it, we all do! It’s flexibility in both time and place allows participants to access and complete their training around their work and personal commitments.

Our Online Learning Solutions

We use a number of authoring tools that are responsive to various devices and have a range of features that vary in complexity.


online learning accessible on a number of devices

Online learning or eLearning programs vary in both cost, time of development and level of complexity. For this reason, we categorise online learning solutions into three groups, ‘engaged’, ‘involved’ and ‘immersed’, to provide an indication of the features and costs based on the complexity and the level on participant interactivity.

1. Engaged

Basic eLearning programs can be produced rapidly and economically, making them a suitable solution for projects with a limited budget or under time pressures. We convert existing materials to a digital learning program, significantly reducing delivery costs and improving convenience for participants. At this basic level, the number of interactive elements is limited.

Indicative price: $1000*.

2. Involved

Our most popular style of eLearning incorporates a diverse range of interactive elements to involve participants in the learning process.

Content is presented using interactive features such as accordions, hotspots, flash cards and images. Knowledge checks and quizzes are used to encourage learner participation through drag and drop, matching/pairing and sorting activities.

Indicative price: $4000*.

3. Immersed

We create highly customised online learning programs tailored to your learning needs. Participants are immersed in their learning experience through bespoke videos, simulations and gamification elements that bring learning to life. We work closely with clients to develop custom-made videos and infographics to enrich the quality and effectiveness of programs.

Below are some examples of video styles we offer.

To view an example of an Interactive Software Simulation designed to demonstrate key software tasks, click here.

Below is an example of a customised infographic.

Effective learning design for modern learner's behaviours, habits and preferences infographic

Indicative price: $8000*.

*Costs will vary, depending on the availability of current source material and the rounds of edits.


To learn more about the range of features and interactive elements that our eLearning programs offer, view out sample extracts here.

To experience one of our eLearning programs, complete our Online Showcase here.

If you’d like to know more about how we can develop an online learning solution to meet your needs, email us at or call us on +61 3 5988 9887.

eCompliance Training

eCompliance Training online learning logo

We provide a range of modern and effective online compliance programs, including:

  • Equal Employment Opportunity, Anti-Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination
  • Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Workplace Health and Safety (WHS)
  • Workplace Privacy

You can purchase these programs to ensure your employees understand appropriate workplace behaviours, their role in health and safety and protecting information privacy.

We can tailor these compliance training programs to meet your organisation’s specific requirements.

To learn more about eCompliance Training, visit , email us via or call us on +61 3 5988 9887.

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