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Level 1: Engaged eLearning Examples

As as starting point to help our clients Instructional Design Australia categorise our online learning solutions into three levels,

  1. ‘Engaged’
  2. ‘Involved’
  3. ‘Immersed’

Below are examples of our Engaged level.  Engaged level courses start at $1,000.

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Rapid Product Knowledge Training

In this example we converted a well designed PPT into an eLearning course for the client to deploy on their LMS.  A simply quiz was added to assess and confirm users had understood the content.

Essential Safety Processes eLearning

In this eLearning course our client needed to ensure staff and contractors understood essential safety processes and systems. In addition to the important safety content a 10 question assessment was added to the eLearning course.


Online Learning Program for Data Analytics

This Online Learning course was developed to educate the client’s workforce on the benefits of data analytics and how to make better us of available data within their job roles. The online learning program also needed to be WCAG 2.0 compliant to ensure accessibility to all learners.

Environmental Compliance Online Training

In this eLearning program our client needed to ensure the majority of the workforce had read and understood their obligations under the organisations environmental policy.

Photo of IDA eLearning

New Reporting Systems Online Training

In this online training program our client needed to upskill its workforce in in the use of a new SAP HANA based reporting system. The online training also needed to be WCAG 2.0 compliant to ensure accessibility to all learners.

Interactive and adaptive eLearning Programs

Instructional Design Australia (IDA) creates eLearning that adaptive and interactive, this means that our eLearning courses adapt to display in an optimal manner regardless of the device the learning program is being viewed on.  This is very similar to how modern websites behave. Learn more.


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