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Using images, graphics, and infographics to create visual representations of information, data, or knowledge can be a great way to present information quickly and clearly. When used in learning design or instructional design they can help ensure content is presented in a manner to suit a variety of learning styles. Videos incorporating graphics and infographics can also be used to support learning. Learn more about using training videos here.

Examples of Infographics and Graphics Used in Learning Design

Instructional Design Australia and Discover Learning Designs use infographics and graphics in many of the learning programs we create. Below is a small selection related to learning design.

The Pervasive Learning Model

This images depicts the pervasive learning models of 33% percent of learning occurring formally, informally and sociallyLearn more about the Pervasive Learning Model here.

Problem Based Learning Model

Learn more about Problem Based Learning here.

Preference of Learners In Today's Modern Workplace

infographic showing the preference of a modern learner

Learn more about applying learning design for the modern workplace here.

Conscious Competence Learning Model

Learn more about using the Conscious Competence Learning Model in learning design here.

ADDIE Model of Instructional Design

See More Examples of Graphics And Infographic in Our Latest Learning Design Blogs

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