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In summary, an Instructional Designer can do the following.

An Instructional Designer can:

  • Analyse learning needs and then systematically develop instruction
  • Study instructional theories, tools and resources to develop methods that facilitate learning
  • Use current research in educational psychology, educational theory and systems analysis to ensure the most suitable teaching methods are used
  • Base their decisions on proven instructional design methods
  • Use pedagogically sound teaching methods and the latest technology to design effective learning products
  • Draw from their deep knowledge of the various strategies and technologies that can be applied to course design
  • Work with Subject Matter Experts (SME) or “content specialist”
  • Create:
    • Online and distributed learning courses
    • Tutorials
    • Workshops
    • Training manuals
    • Seminars
    • Training videos
    • Assessments
  • Plans and implements the most effective training strategies
  • Integrates feedback, student support, assessment and course evaluation into the training program
  • Works with multimedia designers and programmers to implement the design
  • Evaluates the effectiveness of the learning product


An exceptional Instructional Designer has the following skills.

Some Instructional Designers will have a broad range, or specialised, skills in one or more of the following areas:

  • Designing and developing eLearning programs and assessment quizzes in authoring tools, including StoryLine and RISE
  • Creating ASQA-compliant accredited learning and assessment material
  • Combining ASQA-compliant accredited training with complex, organisationally-specific operational needs

Recommended reading:

  • Don Clarke discusses seven theories for designing learning environment

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