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The Instructional Design ADDIE Toolkit

The ADDIE toolkit is crafted to empower instructional designers with a comprehensive framework, simplifying the journey of crafting impactful learning experiences.

It provides practical instructional design tools and templates that streamline the end-to-end process, ensuring clarity, consistency, and quality in designing educational programs, while fostering innovation and adaptation to specific learning needs.

Aligned with the renowned ADDIE framework – Analyse, Design, Develop, Implement and Evaluate – this toolkit is your guide to completing an entire instructional design project.

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What’s inside the ADDIE Toolkit?

Select the accordion headings below to reveal the instructional design templates.

ADDIE overview and checklist: A guide outlining the ADDIE model, guides, and templates provided in the ADDIE toolkit and their purpose. Includes a checklist for instructional designers to use through the ADDIE phases.

  • Learning needs analysis (LNA) discovery session in Miro: Before writing your learning needs analysis, you need to run a process of discovery to inform this document. We have created a Miro Board with interactive activities you can use to collaborate with your stakeholders and subject matter experts to understand needs and gather data.
  • Learning needs analysis (LNA) template (abridged): Template to conduct a learning needs analysis directly, aligned with the methodology introduced in the LNA guide (abridged). There are two versions – an abridged version for smaller projects and an extended version for large-scale projects and complex learning needs.
  • Learning needs analysis (LNA) guide (abridged): ‘How to’ guide for conducting a learning needs analysis, using LNA template (abridged).
  • Learning needs analysis (LNA) template (extended): Template to conduct a learning needs analysis, directly aligned with the methodology introduced in the LNA guide.
  • Learning needs analysis (LNA) guide (extended): ‘How to’ guide for conducting a learning needs analysis, using the LNA template (extended).
  • Learning needs analysis (LNA) validation tool: A guide to support instructional designers in validating identified needs.
  • Learning architecture template: Template to summarise the findings from the learning needs analysis (LNA), illustrate the recommended solution and outline the next steps.
  • High level design (HLD) template: Template to create a ‘map’ of the design and development requirements, to enable and implement the learning strategy. Includes a template for developing an evaluation approach to determine the effectiveness of the program.
  • High level design (HLD) eLearning template in Rise 360: High level design template in Rise 360 to help you create a skeleton for an eLearning solution.
  • High level design (HLD) microlearning template in Rise 360: High level design template in Rise 360 to help you create a skeleton for a microlearning solution.
  • Rise 360 storyboard template: Template to detail a Rise 360 eLearning program in Word format.
  • Video storyboard: Template to visually plan and map out the sequence and elements of a video. Use it to provide a detailed blueprint of the video’s narrative, visual elements and audio, ensuring the production team has a clear vision to follow.
  • Quick reference guide – Learning outcomes: A quick reference guide on using Bloom’s revised Taxonomy to craft clear, measurable learning outcomes, ensuring learners achieve targeted cognitive levels.
  • Quick reference guide – eLearning tips: A quick reference guide on how to create impactful, accessible eLearning programs.
  • Activity cards – Sample pack for face-to-face delivery: A selection of activity cards for face-to-face delivery from our activity cards pack.
  • Activity cards – Sample pack for virtual delivery: A selection of activity cards for virtual delivery from our activity cards pack.
  • Facilitator guide template: Facilitator guide template, including an overview of the program and detailed session plan. Includes a worked example extract.
  • Learner guide template: Learner guide template, including learning activities and key content.
  • Assessment book template: Assessment book template to develop relevant and effective assessment questions/tasks to evaluate participant learning against learning outcomes.
  • PowerPoint presentation template: PowerPoint presentation template to summarise key learning and discussion points, visuals, and video links.
  • Job aid templates: Job aid templates (or Quick Reference Guide) to summarise key information for participants to readily reference on the job.
    Includes worked examples.
  • Thinking aloud testing template: Template to capture key stakeholders (identified as reviewers and approvers) feedback on changes required to the learning materials developed.
  • Empathy map: Template used to step into the learner’s shoes and see the design from their perspective.
  • Leader kit template: Template to provide leaders with an overview of the program, as well as key discussion points and tips on ways they can assist their people to apply their developing knowledge, skills, and behaviours on the job.
  • Train the trainer template: Template to up-skill trainers in the delivery of the learning program.
  • Trainer feedback tool – Evaluating learning materials: Template used by trainers to provide insights and feedback on the learning materials from a trainer’s perspective for refinement and enhancement.
  • Instructional designer feedback tool – Evaluating trainer delivery: Template used by instructional designers to provide constructive feedback to trainers on their delivery of learning materials for effective and engaging learning experiences.
  • Learner feedback tool – Evaluating learning experience: Template used by learners to capture feedback from the pilot phase of a program. Findings will be used to improve both delivery and development for a seamless learner experience.
  • Questionnaire templates: Questionnaire templates, based on the evaluation approach established in the Design phase. Used to review the effectiveness of the learning program and materials.
  • Focus group session template: Template to facilitate a review of the effectiveness of the learning program and materials with a focus group.
  • Observation checklist template: Template to observe shifts in knowledge/skills on the job post-learning program.
  • Evaluation report template: Simple evaluation report template to communicate key evaluation findings to business stakeholders.

Special offers

Free with course enrollment

Enroll in the Instructional Design Basics Course or Instructional Design Plus Course and receive the instructional design templates at no additional cost.

Custom templates

We can tailor the instructional design templates and guides to align with your organisation’s branding guidelines and customise the content and structure to your needs.

Template packs

Don’t need the whole suite of resources? We offer instructional design template packs where you can pick and choose the templates you need.

(See below.)

Instructional Design Templates Packs

Analyse Pack

Discover your learners’ needs and align them with your business objectives using the Analyse Templates Pack.

Tailored to your project’s scale, you’ll find templates and guides for both concise and in-depth learning needs analyses.

Establish clear instructional goals and use the included validation tools to confirm these needs with stakeholders, ensuring your learning program is relevant and strategically aligned.

Equip yourself with these essential resources to develop targeted and impactful learning strategies, whether for compact projects or complex educational initiatives.

Design Pack

Craft engaging learning experiences with the Design Templates Pack, drawing directly from your analysis findings.

You’ll receive templates for outlining learning architecture, creating high-level design blueprints, and prototyping eLearning solutions.

This pack empowers you to clearly define learning objectives and design a seamless end-to-end learner journey.

Design comprehensive storyboards for videos and eLearning, and draw on activity cards tailored for both face-to-face and virtual environments.

Secure stakeholder buy-in with tools that help you visually communicate creative and structured learning strategies with ease.

Develop Pack

Step into the role of a creator with the Develop Templates Pack, where you transform analysis and design into tangible learning resources.

This pack guides you in drafting materials that connect every dot from previous phases.

It includes templates for facilitator and learner guides, assessment books, and engaging PowerPoint presentations.

Craft job aids that distill crucial information for on-the-job reference, and use empathy maps to view content from the learner’s perspective.

Engage with leaders through kits that provide program overviews and practical application tips.

With this pack, you’ll refine your drafts into a pilot-ready program, incorporating stakeholder feedback for impactful learning experiences.

Evaluate Pack

Measure the success of your learning program with the Evaluate Templates Pack. It equips you to conduct thorough formative and summative evaluations, asking the critical question, “Did we hit the mark?”

Use questionnaires, observation checklists, and focus group templates to collect both quantitative and qualitative data. This pack helps you identify areas for improvement and confirm knowledge transfer and behavioural changes.

Compile your findings into a clear evaluation report, and share your insights with stakeholders.

With this pack, confidently assess effectiveness and demonstrate the value of your learning solutions.

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