Elevate your learning design skills

Instructional Design Basics

Instructional Design Basics

AUD $1,990

or pay in 4 installments

12 week self-paced hybrid course

Instructional Design toolkit 
+ templates


Navigate instructional design with a clear, practical approach

Deep dive into creating effective learning programs across the full spectrum of learning environments

Explore the direct impact of face-to-face engagement, the efficiency of microlearning, the flexibility of virtual classrooms, and the cohesive power of blended learning models.

Our curriculum is designed to arm you with the tools to create sticky learning. We delve into the psychology of learning, the art of content creation, and the science of learner engagement. You’ll learn to analyse needs, design impactful material, implement effective programs, and evaluate success with precision.

This course is packed with real-world applications, interactive scenarios, and critical thinking exercises.

By the end of this journey, you’ll have a portfolio of strategies and a mind brimming with ideas ready to tackle any learning challenge.

This program is ideal for…

  • Anyone starting their career in instructional design
  • Instructional designers who want to deepen their expertise
  • Teachers looking for a career change
  • Learning and development consultants
  • Higher education professionals
  • Facilitators and trainers designing learning
  • eLearning developers who want to broaden their skills

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What will this program help you to do?

Recognise adult learning principles that underpin effective instructional design.

Conduct a Learning Needs Analysis (LNA) to uncover capability gaps, using relevant tools.

Write active learning outcomes, based on identified needs.

Design impactful learning experiences for different modalities, in alignment with learning outcomes.

Apply visual design principles to materials development for effective learning and engagement.

Use practical tools and templates to bring the ADDIE process to life.

Draw on key instructional design consulting skills to ensure relevancy and accuracy of learning solution.

Dive in with us

6 reasons why

Study flexibly - time, place and duration

Study at your own pace – when you want, where you want. Accelerate and fast-track your development, or take your time – it’s up to you!

Discover best practice

Review the learning theories and design principles that underpin instructional design decisions. Develop key consulting skills to keep projects on track, work with stakeholders and achieve agreed outcomes.

Practice as you learn

Step through the instructional design process to develop your very own program and learning materials to add to your portfolio.

Receive the practical 
tools you need

Use our Instructional Design Toolkit – a set of guides and templates to design, develop and evaluate your own learning programs. (See terms in our licence agreement.)

Explore innovative 

Consider cutting-edge technologies that are revolutionising learning.

Optional ADD ON: Benefit from personalised coaching

Boost your learning with personalised coaching sessions. Partner with a Senior Consultant for expert guidance, targeted feedback, and skill enhancement at critical program stages.

Why be an instructional designer?

Embrace the freedom of working remotely or as a digital nomad.

Enjoy flexible hours that fit your lifestyle.

Explore the versatility of freelancing or collaborating in a team.

Channel your creativity and problem-solving abilities into designing effective learning experiences.

Say goodbye to monotony - every project requires curiosity and new thinking.

Make a meaningful impact by helping others to learn and grow.

Constantly expand your knowledge and skills in a dynamic role.

Join a thriving industry, where your new skills are in demand!*

What do instructional designers do?

Instructional designers might also be called:

  • Learning designer
  • Learning experience designer (LXD)
  • eLearning developer
  • Learning and development specialist
  • Educational designer

Instructional designers may dabble in:

  • Graphic design
  • Desktop publishing
  • Video/podcast production

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Course structure

Explore the curriculum

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You will have 12 months of access to the course and to use the coaching sessions. You can go as fast or as slow as you like!

Completion of the program involves:

  • Self-paced learning: Around 4 hours/week for 12 weeks
  • Completion of project and certification: Dependent on chosen project size and complexity

As a guide, a project requiring creation of learning materials for a 1-day face-to-face or a 45-minute eLearning project will need the equivalent of 15 to 20 days of effort

There are none! Whether you’re an instructional design newbie or a seasoned pro, our tools and templates have got you covered.

The optional coaching sessions (for an additional fee) include:
  • Deep Dives into Your Work: We don’t just skim; we dive deep to offer constructive feedback.
  • Q&A Time: Have questions? Need clarity on the process and tools? We’re all ears and ideas!
  • Tailored Growth Path: Our coaching isn’t one-size-fits-all. We’re here to push your boundaries, deepen your insights, and sharpen those consulting skills.
We offer these sessions in a 3-pack, where you’ll receive 3, 90-minute one-on-one coaching in the Analyse, Design and Develop phases of the course.
Payment can be made online by credit card or PayPal. Please contact us if you prefer an invoice.

We recommend a zippy browser to view the eLearning – Google Chrome or Firefox are our top picks!

We’ve got you covered with Microsoft Office templates and guides.

Looking for an eLearning authoring tool that’s both user-friendly and delivers? We’re big fans of Rise 360 – it’s intuitive and packs a punch for learners.

We encourage you to explore other tools during the program, as you choose.

Yes! Whilst you don’t require an accreditation to be an instructional designer – on successful completion of your project – you will receive a certificate from Instructional Design Australia to recognise the development of your professional capabilities. Add to your LinkedIn profile and resume!

You can use the ADDIE Toolkit of instructional design templates and guides forever. Feel free to make copies and tweak them to your heart’s content. Just remember, we still own the copyright, so please don’t share or sell the course or templates to anyone else.

If your team or organisation would like access to the templates, just give us a shout and we’ll whip up a tailored proposal for you.

See our licence agreement for more details.

We offer Instructional Design for Teams – the perfect blend of theory, practical tools and collaborative learning! 

Ideal for teams aiming for a unified instructional design approach, this program provides premium templates for crafting consistent, high-quality, and visually appealing deliverables. It enhances skills with the latest practices and boosts collaboration and communication through shared learning experiences.

We’ll kick-start your journey with our interactive launch workshop. Your team will then complete the eLearning, use the ADDIE Toolkit, receive personalised coaching from our Senior Instructional Designers, and collaborate in team huddles where you’ll master the art of putting learning into practice.

We can also customise the templates to your branding! Get in touch for a tailored quote.

Certainly! Instructional Design for Your Organisation offers a tailored experience, aligning the course with your brand and specific content needs.

Here’s what you get:

  • Instructional Design PLUS Course: Your team will have access to an advanced Instructional Design course, empowering them to integrate learning theories, design principles, and cutting-edge tech into their work.
  • Customised ADDIE Toolkit: Receive a suite of practical tools and templates, including guides and PowerPoint presentations, all customised with your organisation’s branding.
  • Personalised Coaching Sessions: Benefit from coaching sessions crafted to meet your organisation’s unique requirements, offering focused feedback and support.
  • Strategic Team Huddles: Engage in 20-40 minute team sessions designed for practical application, peer collaboration, and fostering a culture of ongoing learning.
  • Launch Immersion Session: Start with a bang through a comprehensive workshop led by our team, setting the stage for how this program will elevate your team’s instructional design capabilities.

This service is highly adaptable. Pricing varies based on the degree of customisation you choose for branding, content, and the ADDIE toolkit, as well as your team’s size. Get in touch for a tailored quote.


Instructional Design Basics

AUD $1,990

or pay in 4 installments


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Instructional Design Basics

AUD $1,990

or pay in 4 installments