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Training Videos

Instructional Design Australia (IDA) works with specialist partners, including WeMov, to produce training videos. Our training videos can be used in face to face training or incorporated into eLearning.  The are a number of styles of training videos that IDA and WeMov have worked on, these include:

  • Infographic video
  • Explainer video
  • Interview or trainer to camera video
  • Animations
  • Actor led scenarios – Real Play
  • Software simulations

Can IDA use an existing training video?

IDA has also incorporated existing videos into a number of eLearning courses and face to face training programs.

How much does a training video cost?

The cost of a training video can vary substantially based on a number of factors. These include:

  • Production values
  • Length
  • Live VS Animated
  • If a script all ready exists

We have had some clients create their own videos to incorporate into training courses with a mobile phone. These can be very effective and present in a very authentic manner.

Example Costs

A basic 30 second animated infographic with low production values, where the script is supplied could start from approximately $400

A one minute infographic video with a moderate standard of production value where the script has been supplied could start from approximately $1,800

A half day shoot where a trainer talks to camera with a modest amount of post production could cost from $2,000. This could result in many clips that could be used in a variety of manners.

If you would like to know more about how we can develop an online course or training video to meet your organisations need please email us at or call us on +61 3 5988 9887.

Infographic Explainer Training Video Example

IDA commissioned this video to use in our online instructional design course to explain a popular Instructional Design Model.

This video cost around $3,500 including the voiceover, research and design of the graphic.

Chalkboard Video

This video was produced using a rapid editing tool and our team member for the voice over.  A blog article was used as the script. This video cost around $550.

Actor led scenarios - Real Play

eLearning Courses with Training Videos

To learn more about the range of features and interactive elements that our eLearning programs offer, view out sample extracts here.

Click on the links below to try an interactive eLearning Program that incorporate training videos.

These online courses will adapt to mobile, tablets and computers.  Once you have opened a course, you can test this out by pasting the URL into your preferred device.

Who We Work With

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