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Has your organisational training come to a halt due to COVID-19? It doesn’t have to!

You may not need to wait until the dark days are over before once again offering your face-to-face training content. Moving your training online to eLearning can enable you and your teams to carry on with business as (un)usual.



1. eLearning

eLearning can be a quick and easy solution for training that requires minimal support from facilitators. eLearning courses can be rapidly and economically produced, making them a suitable solution for projects under time pressures, or with a limited budget.

2. Blended Online Learning: Staying social (safely)

Online learning, or distance learning, is delivered using a virtual platform.

The possibilities for online learning are vast, and may include:

      • eLearning
      • Webinars
      • Knowledge checks/tests
      • Virtual group activities
      • Videos
      • Software simulations
      • Lectures
      • Assignments
      • Discussion boards
      • Help desk

The role of facilitator may vary, depending on the mix of learning strategies selected. Facilitators may explain complex concepts during lectures – then clarify them during webinars, prompt conversation and debate on discussion boards, provide feedback on assignments or offer support via a ‘help desk’.


eLearning and online learning options

Both eLearning and online learning programs vary in cost, development time and level of complexity. Instructional Design Australia (IDA) categorises our online learning solutions into three levels:

  1. ‘Engaged’
  2. ‘Involved’
  3. ‘Immersed’

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Ensure that your digital learning solutions are designed to be effective and engaging!

It’s a new world of working and learning. Offering training? Consider moving it online to eLearning!

As the world continues to face the COVID-19 pandemic, greater restrictions aim to distance people to reduce further cases. Whilst these restrictions may significantly impact training, not all of these are negative.

According to some, “the crisis may trigger an online boom for education” – with many education institutions moving teaching online [1].

As businesses are adapting to social distancing requirements by setting up staff to work remotely, employees now have the tools they need to access online training.

Many businesses view the current situation as an opportunity for staff to upskill and enrol in online courses [2]. As a result, the demand for online training and instructional design skills is growing by the day!

Adapt to the new world of working and learning by moving your training programs online.

Up skilling during isolation? Check out our online instructional design courses!

We offer online, self-paced programs that provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to become an exceptional instructional designer!

More on using video during the COVID-19

Instructional Design Australia (IDA) works with specialist partners, including WeMov, to produce training videos.

WeMov recently produced this video that explains three uses of videos during this time.

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