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eLearning Sydney

eLearning Sydney

eLearning Sydney

Are you looking for eLearning Developers in Sydney? Instructional Design Australia have eLearning Developers in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane ready to start your project.


eLearning Development

eLearning Development

Types of Online Learning Solutions

We develop a variety of online learning solutions.

eLearning and mLearning

Your ‘typical’ online learning program. We develop programs that contain interactive elements and are responsive to mobile devices.

The structure of eLearning programs can be linear, non-linear, or contain optional content and activities for ‘deeper dives’.

eLearning and mLearning are efficient and easily scalable for large numbers of participants. This alone has the potential to significantly reduce implementation costs.

eLearning is flexible in both time and place, making it appropriate for participants located in different time zones, or those wanting to complete the program at their own pace or in non-traditional work hours. It also eliminates challenges, such as participants in remote or geographically dispersed locations, or where operational constraints exist (e.g. limited staff available to ‘backfill’).

Virtual Facilitator-led Learning

These programs are delivered virtually, at a scheduled time, by a facilitator. Virtual facilitator-led learning generally includes discussions, collaborative group work, storytelling, and sharing of experiences, thoughts, and ideas.

Visual and informative PowerPoint slides accompany these programs, which are used to deliver content and explain concepts in an illustrative way.

We recommend limiting the group size to ensure that each participant has the opportunity to interact and collaborate – discussing concepts, sharing ideas, and asking questions.

Virtual Coaching Sessions

Similar to virtual facilitator-led learning, virtual coaching sessions are delivered by a facilitator. Instead of delivering to a group of participants, these are usually personalised learning experiences for an individual.

Virtual coaching sessions typically build on the knowledge and skills developed in a formal learning program. They provide opportunities for participants to receive feedback, share experiences, refine their skills, deepen their understanding of concepts, or extend their learning.

On-demand Learning

‘Just in time’ learning can be completed at any time, anywhere. Learning is chunked and delivered in bite-sized pieces, allowing learners to access it on an as-need basis.

Microlearning empowers employees to take charge of their own learning and problem-solve in the moment. With information at their fingertips, employees can discover answers to their questions within minutes.

Is Online Learning a Suitable Solution for Your Learning Needs?

Learning may be delivered and accessed in a variety of ways. The delivery method/s selected should respond to identified learning need/s and other organisational factors. These may include where participants are currently located, what the ‘ways of working’ look like for participants (eg. operating model), and the availability of training facilities.

Online learning is generally not a ‘silver bullet’ solution. A blend of learning solutions – such as digital, on-the-job, self-paced, embedding activities, and SME coaching will likely offer the most effective, ‘just in time’, ‘bite-sized’, flexible learning approach.

View Examples

View examples of online learning programs we have developed.

Templated Courses

Templated Courses

Our Templated Courses

We have a range of flexible templated courses that we can tailor for your organisation. This means reduced development times and reduced costs; delivering a high-quality training package quickly and economically.

Each template is packed with interactive elements and other features from our standard eLearning inclusions.

You may choose to add more value by including some of our optional eLearning elements, such as bespoke videos, branching scenarios, infographics, and embedding activities.


Workplace Harassment Training

Workplace Violence Training

Code of Conduct Training

Leadership and Management Online Course

Leadership Course Online

Employee Health and Wellbeing Training

Information Security Training

Feature Course: Employee Health and Wellbeing

Our team uses this Employee Health and Wellbeing template to customise training to our client needs. This online training program can be adapted to suit staff at all organisational levels.

Learning Objective

This program aims to improve employee health and wellbeing. Learners will explore strategies to improve their focus and engagement, leading to increased productivity in the workplace.

Structure and Content

The Employee Health and Wellbeing training program begins by introducing the organisation’s ‘culture of wellbeing’. It explains four dimensions of wellbeing and challenges the participant to make a commitment to their health.

Participants then explore elements of physical wellbeing, such as exercising, healthy eating, and getting a good night’s sleep.

Progressing to emotional and social wellbeing, participants dive into stress management, building positive workplace relationships and programs that the organisation has put in place to support emotional and social wellbeing.

Participants then consider occupational wellbeing to examine their strengths, interests, and values, and develop goals based on these interests.

A quiz is completed at the end of the training.

Interactive Elements

Interactive scenarios







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