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Instructional Design for a Government Organisation

The need

Our client had a team of instructional designers with varying levels of experience, and they recognised the need to establish a unified approach to instructional design processes across the organisation.

We kicked things off with a discovery session. Through a series of interactive activities facilitated on a virtual Miro board, we were able to gain a holistic understanding of their needs, which included:

  • Ascertaining and effectively addressing authentic learning needs
  • Crafting active learning outcomes based on identified needs, and designing learning experiences that align with those objectives
  • Access to practical, flexible ADDIE tools and templates grounded in adult learning principles
  • Strategies for effective design across different modalities and creation of engaging collateral
  • Visual design principles for enhancing learning and engagement
  • Cultivating a culture of continuous learning and professional development

The learning solution

Armed with invaluable insights from the discovery session, we co-designed a customised version of our Instructional Design for Your Organisation Course. This tailored program seamlessly blended the client’s unique frameworks and processes with our course, which follows the industry-standard ADDIE model of instructional design.

To ensure relevance and alignment with the organisation’s practices, we incorporated bespoke templates and quick reference guides. All materials were meticulously customised to the client’s branding, with custom graphics and diagrams across all components, ensuring cohesion and consistency throughout the learning experience.

The program consisted of three interconnected components:

eLearning: A comprehensive eLearning module that offered key insights and practical tools to build exceptional learning design skills. As learners progressed through the eLearning, they applied learning theories, instructional design principles, and innovative technologies while practicing with their new templates and guides to create their own program, which would be discussed in the coaching sessions.

Team Huddles: Designed to foster shared learning and practical application, these dynamic team huddles empowered learners to unleash their creativity and discover how to transform learning methodologies into tangible, real-world learning experiences. By spreading ideas and insights among team members, they could test, discover, and grow together, nurturing a culture of generosity and camaraderie.

Coaching Sessions: Arguably the most impactful component, these one-on-one sessions with our Senior Instructional Designers provided personalised guidance and feedback. Learners not only received constructive critique on their projects but also honed their instructional design and consulting skills. Through deep dives into their work, Q&A sessions, and tailored growth paths, we empowered learners to make their projects truly resonate by effectively applying the tools, tips, and tricks from the program.

The outcome

The culmination of our collaboration was a program tailored to our client’s unique needs, blending theoretical foundations with practical application, and fostering a culture of continuous learning and professional development. By leveraging our expertise and their team’s insights, we created a holistic learning experience that empowered their instructional designers to elevate their processes, deliver exceptional learning experiences, and drive organisational success through the power of instructional design.


This project spanned over a 3-month period.