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Senior Instructional Designer

Olivia has worked as an Instructional Designer in our team since 2014. During this time, Olivia has created programs that span many and varied industries, audiences, topics, duration, and delivery methods. These programs include:

  • Accredited training (e.g. Diplomas, Graduate Diplomas, Certificates)
  • Technical training (e.g. rail signalling)
  • Software training
  • eLearning
  • Health and behavioural change
  • Leadership and management
  • Customer service
  • Instructional design training

Key strengths

Key areas in which Olivia is engaged to deliver value to clients are:

  • Design of application-based, creative learning experiences
  • Program design and assessment for accredited training
  • Educational design for eLearning projects

Education, professional qualifications and affiliations

Olivia’s education, professional qualifications and affiliations include:

  • Bachelor of Education