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Software Simulations and Walkthroughs

Software Simulations and Walkthroughs

Software Simulations and Walkthroughs

A screen capture, software simulation, or walkthrough video is a recording of a person’s computer screen. Screen capture videos emulate the step by step process by which to locate a particular item or achieve some goal on your computer.

These types of videos easily teach software usage to anyone with step-by-step active demonstrations.

Using industry-standard screen capture technology, we will record and edit real-time software interface usage into a step-by-step instructional video with optional voice-over or captions. Best of all – your viewers can pause, rewind, and review the demonstration as often as they like.

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Instructional Design Australia (IDA) creates training Software Simulations and Walkthrough videos across Australia.  With team members in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth, IDA will enable your people to engage, learn, and perform.

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