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Actor and Presenter Training Videos

Actor and Presenter Training Videos

Actor and presenter training videos allow you to teach things online that are hard to explain in a digital or written format. These might include courses on real-life communication skills or complex scenarios with nuisance.

Presenter videos can also be a great way to ‘mix up’ content in an eLearning course.

A key benefit of a presenter video is that ensures key messages or important instructions are delivered in a consistent and reliable manner.


Live Action Video With Actors

This is one of a series of videos that was produced for our range of online training program. The series depicts real to live workplace scenarios.  Around 6 videos were shot on a single day. The videos averaged around $4,000 each which included costs for scriptwriting, consultation, shooting, actors, catering, location fee, filming and production.

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Instructional Design Australia (IDA) creates training videos across Australia.  With team members in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth IDA will enable your people to engage, learn and perform.

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