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Acknowledge This!

Acknowledge This!, founded in 2020 by Rhys Paddick and Emma Gibbens, delivers high-impact training, merging Aboriginal education and expert facilitation. Prioritising genuine dialogues, their workshops promote participation and offer actionable resources. Their aim: drive lasting change, empower participants with knowledge, and foster continuous dialogue and awareness.

The need

Many people deliver an Acknowledgment of Country without truly understanding why. Acknowledge This! is a fun and interactive eLearning module about how to deliver a genuine and authentic Acknowledgement of Country. We worked collaboratively with Rhys and Emma, the founders of Acknowledge This!, to transform their face-to-face workshop into an engaging eLearning module.

The learning solution

The eLearning module provides the foundations to create a genuine and authentic Acknowledgement of Country, including how to articulate it and how to make it personal to you. It also covers the challenges of delivering an Acknowledgement, common questions and fears, and offers a simple structure to start building your own authentic Acknowledgement.

Rhys and Emma use their signature conversational style and storytelling in the featured videos to provide context and share their personal insights. Noongar is the traditional language spoken throughout the south-west of Western Australia and is featured throughout the resources, encouraging learners to find out what their local language is and incorporate it. To help participants get the most out of their learning, Acknowledge This! also includes a workbook, quick reference guide and Acknowledgement of Country template.

The outcome

The outcome was an engaging learning package helping learners deliver Acknowledgements of Country that connect people with each other, Country and culture. This eLearning has become a key component of training offered by Acknowledge This! alongside their existing workshops and keynote sessions.


This project spanned over a 3-month period.

Project team