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IDA Instructional Design Certificate II – No Longer Available

Please visit our current Instructional Design courses.

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IDA now offer three Instructional Design course options:

  1. Instructional Design Basics Learn More
  2. Instructional Design PLUS Learn More
  3. Instructional Design for your Organisation Learn More

Previous Online Short Course Information

The course will start by exploring a variety of Instructional Design Models but it will focus on one or two models that are widely used in Instructional Design Courses in the USA. We will integrate a few other popular design models. The purpose of this course is to introduce the design model in the simplest way so that participants can quickly gain enough understanding to apply it to their own work.  You will have the chance to make sense of the design models and see how it can be applied in case studies.  The aim is for you to learn how to use the framework as a guide through the instructional design process in your workplace.  The course is run on a Moodle platform (Learning Management System) and consists of reading material, audio presentations, assignments, discussion forums, wikis for collaborative writing and quizzes.

Course Topics

This online course will consist of the following topics:

  • Exploring a selection of Instructional Design Models
  • Introducing the Instructional Design Method
  • Identifying the Instructional Problem
  • Analysing the Learner and Context
  • Analysing the Task and Content
  • Defining the Learning Objectives
  • Sequencing the Content
  • Choosing Effective Instructional Strategies
  • Continuing design through the Development phase
  • Note: course aim and objectives will be supplied closer to the release of the course.

General Course Information

Target students

This course is designed for people who have some instructional design or teaching experience or have completed the Foundations of Effective Instructional Design course, Cert I.  It is suitable for people who are interested in designing, developing, and delivering learning programs for business, government, military, or not-for-profit organisations.

Course requirements

  • It assumes that you are comfortable with computers and at least interested to discover forums and wikis.
  • Completion of “The Foundations of Effective Instructional Design”, formal Teacher training or previous experience in education and training.

Course delivery

We use the Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) and if you are not familiar with an LMS then, as an instructional designer, you need to be. Through this LMS you can access the course content; text, images, audio presentations, submit assignments, participate in online forums, collaboratively write in Wikis, reflect on your learning in a personal blog and receive the personalised feedback that makes this course come to life.

It will be delivered as a flexible online course so that participants can log on at any time.

The course could take between 15 and 25 hours to complete reading and tasks but students are given 8 weeks to access the course; this allows time to make the most of the course materials, carry out extended research if preferred, get personalised feedback and collaborate with other students.

Course availability

2018  Course available from 6th January.  Fully flexible enrolment.  This means you can choose the date you commence.


The cost of the ‘The Instructional Design Method’ course is $680


  • Save $100 if you enrol in ‘The Foundations of Effective Instructional Design‘ and ‘The Instructional Design Method’  courses together.
  • There are special rates if you’re unemployed – 30% discount.

Conditions Apply

  • The unemployed discount is only available if you’ve been on unemployment benefits for 6 months or more.
  • These courses are not transferable.
  • Course fees are not refundable once a student has accessed the course.
  • Extensions will cost $50 per weeks

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