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The Project

Health Volunteers International (HVI) is a not-for-profit organisation working to improve health outcomes in lower-income countries by increasing access to safe anaesthesia. Access to spinal anaesthesia allows the option of Caesarean section and improves health outcomes for mothers and babies. DLD was proud to partner with HVI to produce an eLearning course about spinal anaesthesia to facilitate foundational learning ahead of in-country face-to-face training.


The Work

Instruction Design Australia (IDA) and Discover Learning Design’s (DLD) collaborated with two key subject matter experts, both highly regarded anaesthetists, to produce the course iteratively as the content was compiled. Our in-house medical expertise was invaluable for ensuring consistency within and across modules and sourcing appropriate graphics. Graphics included custom infographics; bespoke illustrations for which we engaged a medical illustrator; carefully selected stock images, some of which needed to be modified for anatomical accuracy; and published images for which we sought permission to use. We also added professional edits to introductory and procedural videos.

The Outcome

The eLearning course was launched in Namibia ahead for learners to complete ahead of the HVI team travelling abroad to provide face-to-face training. The eLearning component included a preliminary survey, pre-course and post-course quizzes with feedback designed to reinforce learning, seven content modules including interactive activities, numerous images, two videos, a job aid, a matching poster and a completion certificate. DLD set up a learning management system tailored to our client’s needs with automated customised reports for our client to review directly.

The course continues to enrol active cohorts of learners, timed to precede in-country face-to-face training. Of those who complete the course evaluation form, feedback is very positive. All report that they would recommend this course to other doctors, and comments include endorsement of the ease of navigation; use of imagery and videos to provide clear explanations; quizzes both before and after the presentation of the content; and provision of reference material.

A word from the client

“…I would highly recommend the whole Discover Learning Designs team to anyone who would like to hear my thoughts.” – Andrew Ottaway, Founder & Director, Health Volunteers International.

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