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Sentis – Safety Leadership Masterclass

Sentis support organisations to transform their safety culture. They are a leading provider of leadership safety training programs and use their understanding of workplace psychology to connect with teams and leaders and help them make authentic, life-saving choices in their work environments.

The need

We were engaged to support Sentis in bringing together a unique safety leadership program that would be delivered multi-modally, providing access to learners from any location.

The learning solution

The program would be delivered over a 12-week period, with each week focused on a different topic:

Deconstructing the Organisational Context

  • Safety by Choice, not by Chance
  • Welcome to Safety and Culture
  • A Vision for Positive Safety

Embracing the Psychology of Change

  • Harnessing your Brain for Change
  • Become an Agent for Change
  • Speak their Language

Starting a Movement

  • Build a Compelling Case for Change
  • Create the Space for Powerful Commitment
  • A Roadmap for Transformation

Leading for Success

  • Build an Army of Advocates
  • Unleash Individual and Collective Talent
  • Focus + Effort = Success

Learners would access the learning management system to kick off their learning with:

  • SME videos
  • Reading
  • Case studies
  • Other supporting articles, blogs, videos
  • Activities

They would then access a ‘Weekly Live’ online learning session for Q&As with a subject matter expert and facilitated activities, peer coaching, and connection.

Learners would then complete further activities during the week, which would bring the learning to life through reflection and skills practice.

Finally, a community hub was set up for discussion, debate, coaching, and support.

Project team