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Instructional Design Courses Melbourne

The team at Instructional Design Australia (IDA) has developed a number of choices to meet various needs in response to the numerous enquiries we have received about access to brief, useful, and affordable instructional design courses.

Instructional Design Course Options:

  • Instructional Design Basics: Self-paced. Learn more
  • Instructional Design PLUS: Self-paced; PLUS coaching with a Senior Instructional Designer from the IDA and DLD team. Learn more
  • Instructional Design for your Organisation: Face-to-face workshop/s. Learn more

Participants have access to a full toolkit of documents, templates, and instructions needed to be a superb instructional designer. The toolkit is used by participants as a self-paced resource to create and construct their own educational plan. An edx certificate in Melbourne instructional design and technology is given upon successful completion.

The toolkit includes a thorough “How-To” guides, practical examples, and templates that are based on Instructional Design Australia (IDA) and Discover Learning Designs (DLD) commercial practise and the five stages of the ADDIE model Instructional Design process:

  • Analyse
  • Design
  • Develop
  • Implement
  • Evaluate

Who are the courses for?

Both people who are new to instructional design and those looking to improve or specialise their abilities may find these courses and toolkits useful. Each course grants participants a licence to use the supplied Instructional Design templates indefinitely.

Is an Instructional Design Degree for you ?

Unlike certain professions, becoming an instructional designer does not always require a degree or licence. The main components and theories that support the instructional design process, including how to conduct a learning needs analysis (LNA), adult learning principles, and assessment methodologies, need, nevertheless, be thoroughly understood in order to create effective learning programmes. This information and understanding can be acquired through taking an IDA or DLD course.

Outcomes of Instructional Design Courses

At the end of the course, participants will have gained understanding of instructional design as well as the practical skills necessary to produce their own collection of learning resources. Additionally, after completing Instructional Design Courses, students have the opportunity to work with Melbourne eLearning Developers.



Instructional Design Templates


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