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The Project

Sometimes the development of babies follow a trajectory different to what we typically expect. The Telethon Kids Institute developed a new program for families of babies aged 6–18 months showing early differences in their social interaction and communication development. DLD was engaged to conduct an unbiased assessment of the program’s design and content


The Work

Instruction Design Australia (IDA) and Discover Learning Design’s (DLD) team worked together to present an impartial, in-depth analysis of a few modules. Our client received feedback in the form of extensive comments in Articulate Review 360, a face-to-face presentation, a slide deck and templates of our amended style recommendation. The new design showcased a cleaner, more streamlined appearance with greater emphasis on brand colours and relatable images. Content suggestions included comments around consistency of language, language style, phrasing to build credibility and the development of an ‘elevator pitch’ to summarise the program’s main elements. Discussions included many ‘tips and tricks’ for our client to develop their own content in Articulate Rise.

The Outcome

The feedback was much appreciated by our client, and after adopting it, they successfully launched their program within a short period of time.

A word from the client

“Michael and the team at DLD were very generous, flexible and efficient in kindly donating support during a time that was crucial in developing the Inklings Practitioner Training. We are so grateful for the advice on using Articulate 360 and for reviewing the e-Learning. The feedback from the review process allowed us to enhance our development to align with a professional package of learning. We thank DLD for their ‘can-do’ attitude and for adding immense value to our training product.” – Amy Deverell, Inklings Development Specialist, Telethon Kids Institute

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