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eLearning Developer

Do you need an online course developed? We have eLearning Developers in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth ready to start your project.  Learn more here.

An eLearning Developer may perform the following functions:

eLearning Developers can also be referred to as:

  • eLearning Designers
  • Learning Experience Designers
  • eLearning Advisor
  • Learning Instructional Design and Experience Consultant
  • Instructional Designer – eLearning
  • Digital Learning Designer
  • Learning Designer
  • Training Specialist eLearning
  • Online Learning Advisor
  • Digital Content Developer

What title you choose to call an eLearning developer is largely based on individual preference however some will argue that the title may influence or reflect the specific requirements of a role. For example, an eLearning Developer that is focussed on creating bespoke, deeply engaging experiences may be referred to as a learning experience designer. An eLearning Developer that works across or combines a range of digital components into a learning event may be called a Digital Content Developer or similar.

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Examples of our eLearning Development

Click on the images above to see work from our eLearning Developers. Take a look at more examples of our projects here.

Learn more about our eLearning Development services here.

eLearning Developer Jobs

We are always looking for talented eLearning Developers, Instructional Designers, and Learning Designers to join our national team on an independent contractor or casual employee basis to provide eLearning Development support on specific projects.

Our projects typically vary in length from 1 to 12 weeks, so we may be able to offer flexible engagements around your other commitments and availability (including work from home, flexible days and hours).

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Articles and Blog

Articles and Blog

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Instructional Design Australia (IDA) provides eLearning Developers to support eLearning projects across Australia. We offer a range of engagement options to suit your needs. With team members in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth, IDA will enable your people to engage, learn, and perform.

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eLearning Development FAQs

What is eLearning development?

eLearning development is the creation of eLearning. Typically, an Instructional Designer will provide the storyboard of the program to an eLearning Developer who will use authoring tools, such as Articulate 360, to build the course.

What are the 4 stages of eLearning?

The 4 stages of eLearning are:
1. Design: A High Level Design (HLD), or ‘skeleton’ course is created based on the source material provided. This helps to understand the proposed flow and structure of the course, as well as how videos, case studies, scenarios or branching scenarios will support learning.
2. Draft: Content and interactive features are added to develop the eLearning program.
3. Test: The eLearning is tested and piloted to ensure it’s a smooth and impactful experience for learners.
4. Launch: The course is published and uploaded to a learning management system (LMS), ready for launch.

How do you develop an eLearning program?

Follow the ADDIE Model to design impactful eLearning.

1. Analyse the learning needs:
• Establish the learning needs (desired knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours)
• Determine current capability
• Identify capability gaps

2. Design the eLearning, drawing on instructional design and adult learning principles:
• How will the course be structured?
• How will learning be stimulated?
• How will learners apply their learning?
• How will learning be assessed?
• How will the program be evaluated?

3. Develop the eLearning:
• Present content in an engaging way
• Incorporate interactive features
• Develop assessment
• Create the program evaluation
• Test the program to ensure it is a smooth experience for learners

4. Implement the program:
• Upload the eLearning to the LMS
• Enroll learners

5. Evaluate the eLearning:
• Review findings from the program evaluation
• Determine opportunities for improvement

Learn more:
How-To: Design For Online Courses

How do I become an eLearning developer?

To become an eLearning Developer, you should first complete an instructional design course. This will help you to understand the learning theories and instructional design principles that underpin eLearning design. It will also provide the foundations for structuring and developing eLearning. As you complete the course, you’ll create your very own eLearning program to add to your portfolio. On successful completion, you’ll also achieve an instructional design certificate.

What is an eLearning module?

An eLearning module is a section of a course that is completed digitally. An eLearning module may form one section of an eLearning course, or one component of a blended learning solution.