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AI for Instructional Design


Coming soon!

Whether you need to generate course outlines, design activities, craft assessments, or produce content at scale, our AI Course is your shortcut to streamlining the entire process. You’ll be flexing those instructional design muscles like never before, while saving a ton of time and effort.



Coming soon!

Our AI Course is like giving your instructional design skills a bionic upgrade. We’re not talking about some generic ChatGPT experience either. This is a custom AI assistant meticulously trained by our team of instructional designers who live and breathe this stuff.

This AI sidekick will be your personal guide through the entire ADDIE process, from analysing learner needs to evaluating the final product. It’s designed to assist you at every step, dishing out tailored advice, examples, and pro tips tuned specifically for crafting killer learning experiences.

But here’s the real game-changer – our in-depth prompting guide. We’ll teach you how to speak the AI’s language, so you can extract precise, relevant and accurate responses, every single time. No more hit-or-miss queries that leave you with a puzzle of irrelevant info to sift through.

And because we know AI isn’t magic (yet), we’ll also share insights into its limitations and how to navigate them like a pro. From double-checking references to adding that essential human touch, we’ve got you covered.

Custom AI assistant

  • Specifically trained by our instructional design experts
  • Guides you through the entire ADDIE model process
  • Provides tailored advice and examples
  • Accelerate your workflow with AI-powered automation
  • Receive instructional design expertise built into the AI model
  • Quickly generate outlines, activities, assessments, and materials aligned to learning outcomes

In-depth prompting guide

  • Learn to craft prompts that elicit precise and relevant outputs
  • Get pro tips for framing your prompts effectively
  • Ensure accurate, high-quality responses aligned with your needs

Ditch the manual slog and embrace the future of course creation. With our AI Course, you’ll be the one delivering game-changing learning experiences while your competitors are still stuck in the stone age. Edgy? Maybe. Effective? Absolutely.

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