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Senior Instructional Designer

Nicole is a HR, learning and vocational education professional with 25 years of experience, working in complex operational, project and bid environments across the national construction and railway industries.

As the founding CEO of one of Australia’s largest enterprise RTOs, Nicole directed the establishment of a multi-million dollar, award-winning training facility, delivering learning solutions to drive operational performance and enhance employee engagement.

Nicole has held a number of senior and head of department learning and development roles, working within sensitive IR, government and major infrastructure environments.

Key strengths

Key areas in which Nicole is engaged to deliver value to clients are:

  • Developing workforce capability strategies to meet operational, contractual and statutory requirements
  • Identifying and problem-solving key capability risks within organisations
  • Working within highly regulated and political landscapes where stakeholder engagement is critical to success
  • Designing and implementing large-scale, complex skill development solutions to ensure a competent workforce

Education, professional qualifications and affiliations

Nicole’s qualifications include:

  • Bachelor of Accounting (Victoria University)
  • Graduate Diploma of Professional Education and Training (Deakin University)
  • MTR Accelerated MBA Program (Hong Kong University)