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LearnWorlds is a versatile and robust online course platform designed to help users create, manage, and sell online courses. This article delves into what LearnWorlds is, its key features, benefits, and how it stands out in the crowded field of online learning solutions.

Introduction to LearnWorlds

LearnWorlds is an all-in-one platform that empowers educators and businesses to create, deliver, and market their online courses. It functions as a website, online store and learning management system (LMS). Founded in 2014, it has quickly grown to become a popular choice for course creators worldwide. The platform caters to a wide range of users, from individual instructors and small businesses to large enterprises and educational institutions.

Key Features of LearnWorlds

  • Course Creation Tools

    LearnWorlds offers a comprehensive suite of tools for creating engaging and interactive online courses. Users can easily upload various types of content, including SCORM files, videos, PDFs, audio files, and more. The platform supports multimedia integration, enabling course creators to include quizzes, assignments, and interactive elements to enhance the learning experience.

  • Customisation and Branding

    One of LearnWorlds’ standout features is its high level of customisation. Users can fully brand their online schools to align with their identity, from custom domains to personalised themes and branding elements. This level of customisation ensures that the learning environment reflects the creator’s brand and values, creating a cohesive and professional look.

  • Ease of Use and Intuitiveness

    Despite its extensive customisation options, LearnWorlds remains incredibly user-friendly and intuitive. Its drag-and-drop course builder, pre-designed templates, and step-by-step guides make it accessible even for those with limited technical expertise. This ease of use ensures that educators can focus on content creation rather than technical details.

  • Engagement Tools

    LearnWorlds is designed to keep learners engaged through various interactive tools. These include gamification features, social learning elements, and interactive videos. The platform supports learner discussions, comments, and community-building activities, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

  • Assessment and Certification

    The platform provides robust assessment tools, including quizzes, exams, and assignments, to evaluate learners’ progress. Course creators can set up automated grading and provide instant feedback. Additionally, LearnWorlds supports the issuance of certificates upon course completion, which can be customised to reflect the branding of the institution or creator.

  • Marketing and Sales Tools

    LearnWorlds equips users with powerful marketing and sales tools to promote their courses. These include landing page builders, customisable sales funnels, email marketing integration, and affiliate management. It can be integrated with other software such as MailChimp. The platform also supports various payment gateways, making it easy to sell courses globally.

  • Analytics and Reporting

    Detailed analytics and reporting tools allow course creators to track learners’ progress, engagement levels, and overall course performance. These insights are invaluable for improving course content and marketing strategies, ensuring a better learning experience and higher conversion rates.

Benefits of Using LearnWorlds

  • Highly Customisable and Brandable

    LearnWorlds offers unparalleled customisation options, allowing users to create a fully branded and personalised online school. From custom domains to unique themes, every aspect of the learning environment can be tailored to reflect the creator’s brand.

  • Ease of Use and Intuitiveness

    LearnWorlds is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Its intuitive interface makes it accessible even for those with limited technical expertise. The drag-and-drop course builder, pre-designed templates, and step-by-step guides streamline the course creation process.

  • Flexibility and Scalability

    Whether you’re an individual instructor or a large educational institution, LearnWorlds scales to meet your needs. Its flexible pricing plans and features make it suitable for various sizes and types of educational enterprises.

  • Comprehensive Learning Experience

    By offering a wide range of engagement tools and multimedia support, LearnWorlds ensures that learners have a rich and interactive learning experience. This not only enhances retention but also encourages active participation.

  • Monetisation Opportunities

    LearnWorlds’ robust marketing and sales tools open up various monetisation opportunities. Course creators can leverage different pricing models, from one-time payments to subscriptions, and use advanced marketing strategies to attract and retain learners.

  • Own Your Domain

    LearnWorlds allows users to use their own custom domain, providing a seamless and professional experience for learners. This feature ensures that the online school aligns with the creator’s brand and maintains a consistent web presence.

Our Services: Let Us Set Up LearnWorlds for You

Setting up an online course platform and website can be a daunting task, but we are here to help. Our services include:

  • Complete Setup: We will set up your LearnWorlds platform from scratch, ensuring everything is configured correctly.
  • Content Integration: We will add your content, including videos, PDFs, quizzes, and other learning materials, to your courses.
  • Branding and Customisation: Our team will personalise your LearnWorlds site to reflect your brand, including custom domains, themes, and branding elements.
  • Course Page Descriptions: We will create engaging and informative course page descriptions to attract and retain learners.
  • Ongoing Support: We offer ongoing support to ensure your platform runs smoothly and efficiently.

By leveraging our expertise, you can focus on creating high-quality content while we handle the technical aspects of setting up and maintaining your LearnWorlds platform.

LearnWorlds vs. Competitors

In the competitive field of online learning platforms, LearnWorlds distinguishes itself through its combination of comprehensive features, ease of use, and strong focus on engagement and customisation. While other platforms like Teachable, Thinkific, and Kajabi also offer similar functionalities, LearnWorlds’ interactive tools and advanced customisation options often give it an edge.

LearnWorlds vs TalentLMS

LearnWorlds offers extensive customisation and branding options, ideal for creating immersive learning experiences. TalentLMS focuses on ease of use and corporate training features, offering a more streamlined setup for enterprise environments. Both platforms provide comprehensive tools, but LearnWorlds excels in flexibility and engagement, while TalentLMS is tailored for straightforward corporate learning solutions.

TalentLMS’s Active User Payment Option charges only for active users, offering cost savings for fluctuating training needs, unlike LearnWorlds’ fixed user plans. This flexible model ensures better budget management and scalability, making it more economical for organisations compared to LearnWorlds’ standard subscription pricing. 


LearnWorlds is a powerful and flexible online course platform that caters to a wide range of educational needs. Its extensive features, ease of use, and strong emphasis on learner engagement make it a valuable tool for anyone looking to create, deliver, and monetise online courses. Whether you’re an individual educator or part of a larger organisation, LearnWorlds provides the tools and support necessary to build a successful online learning business.

For those looking for a hassle-free setup, our services can help you get started quickly and efficiently, ensuring your platform is professionally branded and fully functional from day one. Contact us to discuss.


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