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Senior Instructional Designer

Leah has been working with DLD since 2016 as an Instructional Designer. She has over 20 years of experience in various Human Resource Management, Organisational Development, Learning and Development, and Instructional Design roles. Most recently, she has been contracting in the Victorian Government sector as a Senior Change Consultant on digital transformation projects.

Leah has a proven track record in successfully developing learning solutions and executing organisational change projects. From working with a diverse range of large market-leading, multinational, and global organisations, she has gained valuable insights and expertise in developing learning solutions. This broad experience enables her to successfully work at both a strategic and operational level, consulting with a diverse range of senior stakeholders and SMEs to effectively translate organisational strategy & business goals into tangible learning solutions.

Key strengths

Key areas in which Leah is engaged to deliver value to clients are:

  • Design, delivery, management and validation of learning programs
  • Broad experience across corporate, government and VET sectors
  • Training needs analysis for large digital change programs
  • High-level program design incorporating end-to-end learning solutions
  • Designing embedding solutions to ensure learning transfer
  • Design and development of program materials

Education, professional qualifications and affiliations

Leah’s education, professional qualifications and affiliations include:

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Organisation Behaviour (Swinburne University)
  • Bachelor of Arts (RMIT University)
  • Strategic Alignment (Centre for Corporate Strategy)
  • Cert IV Workplace Training, 2000
  • MBTI Accreditation (Australian Psychologist Press)