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Senior Instructional Designer

Jacqueline is a highly skilled instructional designer with over 15 years of consultancy experience. Proficient in developing engaging e-learning and paper-based materials, she expertly uses tools such as Articulate and Camtasia. Her talents extend to scriptwriting and educational video creation. As a former managing director, she customised programs for diverse clients, drawing from a performing arts background. Jacqueline holds a range of tertiary qualifications, including a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Education, and is currently doing her PhD in Educational Psychology.

Key strengths

Key areas in which Jacqueline is engaged to deliver value to clients are:

  • Versatile skill set: She is proficient in a wide range of instructional design tools and software, including Articulate, Camtasia, and Adobe Photoshop, allowing her to adapt to diverse project requirements
  • Effective communication: Jacqueline’s strong communication skills enable her to work effectively with clients and stakeholders, ensuring that their needs and objectives are understood and met
  • Creative problem-solving: She brings a creative flair to her work, finding innovative solutions to design challenges and creating engaging learning materials

Education, professional qualifications and affiliations

Jacqueline’s education, professional qualifications and affiliations include:

  • Masters of Education (Griffith University, Qld.)
  • Graduate Diploma in Adult Education (University of South Australia, S.A.)
  • Bachelor of Science (Anatomy) (University of Sydney, N.S.W.)
  • Diploma of Acupuncture (Acupuncture Colleges of Australia, N.S.W.)
  • Diploma in Performing Arts (Sydney Acting School, N.S.W.)
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner Certificate
  • Theatre Sports Certificate
  • R.S.A. Cambridge Certificate in TEFLA – “B” grade
  • LSI and DISC Accredited
  • Certificate IV – Training and Assessment