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Instructional Design PLUS Course

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Instructional Design PLUS Course

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Instructional Design PLUS Course

Participants receive access to a comprehensive toolkit of materials, templates and guides required to be an exceptional instructional designer. Participants use the toolkit as a self-paced resource to complete a project designing and developing their own learning materials.

The toolkit is divided into sections that reflect the ADDIE model phases. This approach allows participants to bring to life practical experience as they complete their project and apply each phase of the ADDIE model.

  • Delivered online
  • Complete the course online at a time and pace that suits you
  • Practical tools and templates included to assist you to complete your project
  • Tailor the tools and templates to your needs
  • Save development time and cost by using the included tools and templates 
  • Lifetime access to the tools and templates with an included licence in perpetuity
  • Certificate of completion issued
  • PLUS Feedback and Coaching as you go from a Senior Instructional Designer 

The course cost includes a licence to use the Instructional Design templates for the participant in perpetuity. Prefer to pay by invoice? Contact Us

Typically participants take 3 to 12 months to complete the course. The key variables include the complexity of the project undertaken and how much time can be dedicated to the course.

PLUS – the Value Add

  • Three 90-minute one-on-one coaching and feedback sessions with a Senior Instructional Designer
  • Meet your Senior Instructional Designer within 48 hours of purchase
  • Flexible times and dates
  • Sessions can be conducted by phone, Skype or ZOOM
  • Send learning materials for review before the coaching sessions
  • Be challenged and guided as you develop your project
  • 12 months to use this service
  • Coaching sessions occur after completing the:
    • Learning Needs Analysis template
    • High-Level Design template
    • Draft learning materials for your program

Buy Now $3,750  $1,990

Prefer to pay by invoice? Contact Us

Includes the course and a licence to use the Instructional Design templates for the participant.

What Participants Say

This ADDIE Toolkit has been a lifesaver! After having worked as a Lead Instructional Designer for many years, I decided to go out on my own. I didn’t have my own templates, so this toolkit gave me all that I needed. In just a few weeks I had created a really impressive portfolio that landed me my dream job.


I recommend the ADDIE Toolkit to any Instructional Designer that is looking for elegant and easy to use templates. I have received many complements from my clients since purchasing the Toolkit.


I was fresh out of completing a Master of Adult and Vocational Education when I got a job as a company’s first in-house Instructional Designer. Having little to no templates to work from, the ADDIE Toolkit was a godsend. The templates and guides within the Toolkit are comprehensive, yet concise. They guide you through the learning design process step by step – perfect for someone with limited experience in the L&D industry. I highly recommend this Toolkit for anyone starting out in Instructional Design.



The course has been designed to guide you through an instructional design project, using the ADDIE model.

The course is divided into steps that reflect each of the ADDIE phases. Each section provides you with a description of the phase, an overview of the Toolkit’s templates and guides (including worked examples) to be utilised during the phase, and additional resources for further information.

More about the course:

  • You will have up to 12 months to complete the online course and your project
  • The course covers effective learning design including:
    • Learning Theories
    • Instructional Design Principles
    • Adult Learning Principles
    • The ADDIE model
    • and more
  • Includes a comprehensive toolkit of materials, templates and guides
  • Use the Toolkit as a self-paced resource to complete your own project as you design and develop your own learning program
  • The Toolkit is divided into sections that reflect the ADDIE model phases, which participants bring to life by applying their understanding of each phase to their program


The ADDIE Toolkit

The ADDIE Toolkit includes a comprehensive collection of templates and guides. It has been designed to suit both those who are new to Instructional Design, as well as those seeking to refine or specialise their skills.

To enable the practical application of the ADDIE model, the Toolkit is divided into sections that reflect each of the ADDIE phases.

These resources may be used as an end-to-end approach to designing and developing an effective learning program, or you may choose to dive into using discrete tools and templates.

1. Analyse
2. Design
3. Develop
4. Implement
5. Evaluate

1.     Analyse

Think about the learning environment

Identify the learners’ existing knowledge, skills and behaviours.

Key questions addressed include:

  • Who is the audience? What are their current capabilities?
  • What are the required skills, knowledge and behavioural outcomes?
  • What are the business benefits of designing a learning program?
  • What types of learning constraints exist?
  • What are the delivery options?
  • What is the timeline for project completion?
  • Who are the key stakeholders?

Includes the following Instructional Design templates and guides to support the Analyse phase:

  • Learning Needs Analysis Template
  • Guide: How to Complete a Learning Needs Analysis
  • Learning Needs Analysis Summary Template

View a sample.

View the full list of Instructional Design templates included here.

2.     Design

  • Draws on information gathered during the Analyse phase
  • Storyboards an engaging learning program.
  • Get creative – in a logical and structured way.
  • Consider learning objectives, assessment instruments, activities, content and media selection.
  • Incorporating Video and Multimedia
  • Designing eLearning Programs
  • Designing Embedding Activities
  • Key output: a High-Level Design ‘content map’, which describes content, learning objectives, activities and resources.

Includes the following templates and guides to support the Design phase:

  • Learning Strategy Template
  • High-Level Design Template (Face-to-Face)
  • eLearning Storyboard Template
  • Activity Examples

View a sample.

3.     Develop

  • Create materials templates and ‘join the dots’ created by the Analyse and Design phases to develop learning program materials.
  • Draft versions of all materials are reviewed by stakeholders and edits are made to produce a ‘pilot-ready’ program.

Includes the following instructional design templates and guides to support the Develop phase:

  • Assessment Template
  • Facilitator Guide Template
  • Participant Workbook Template
  • PowerPoint Template
  • Job Aid Template
  • Leader Template
  • Program Review & Sign-Off Template
  • Icons

View a sample.

4.     Implement

  • Time to dive in!
  • Road-test the pilot program, materials and delivery logistics.
  • Create Facilitator up-skill workshops
  • Plan how to engage the relevant organisational leaders to support the learning program.

Includes the following template to support the Implement phase:

  • Train the Trainer Template

5.     Evaluate

  • Reviews the effectiveness of the learning program and materials.
  • Asks: ‘did we hit the mark?’
  • Consists of two parts: Formative and Summative evaluation.

Includes the following templates to support the Evaluate phase:

  • Questionnaire Template
  • Focus Group Template
  • Observation Checklist
  • Evaluation Report Template

View a sample.

Reference Guides

Includes the following guides to enhance your program:

  • ADDIE Overview and Checklist
  • Effective Learning Design
  • Style Guide

By following the ADDIE model of Instructional Design and using the IDA and DLD supporting toolkit, you will create exceptional learning programs.

All templates are supplied in MS Word and include a licence for participants to use the templates for their own projects. Organisations may also purchase a licence for an additional fee.

Buy Now $3,750  $1,990


Includes the course and a licence to use the Instructional Design templates for the participant. Prefer to pay by invoice contact us.

Our Credentials

Discover Learning Designs and Instructional Design Australia are successful instructional design consultancies.

  • We have been in the marketplace for over 15 years – established in 2007
  • We are commercially successful
  • Decades of combined expertise, investment and development time in our products
  • We work with successful organisations

Our courses are practical grounded in learning theory, drawing on the same effective methods and tools we use with our clients.

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Prefer to pay by invoice? Contact Us

Includes the course and a licence to use the Instructional Design templates for the participant.

Do You Need An Instructional Design Degree?

Unlike some industries, you don’t necessarily need a qualification or licence to become an Instructional Designer.

However, in order to develop effective learning programs, you should have a strong understanding of the key elements and theory that underpin the instructional design process – including how to conduct a learning needs analysis (LNA), adult learning principles and assessment strategies.

Learn more here.

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