Thanks so much for your time and giving me the nudge I needed. I very much enjoyed the course!!


Kelly Anon / Trainer / 2016

This course has cemented the direction that I would like to take my career. I found your feedback to be valuable in extending on my currently knowledge - thank you!

Karen McMaster | VET Curriculum Support Officer | 2016

Each topic provided excellent review of theory coupled with concrete examples to bring out the salient points. More importantly assessments challenged me to clarify and implement theory in practical situations. It kept me interested throughout and I will definitely put it into practice.

Ivonne Buckley-Mendez | Innovations and Project Development Manager | 2016

 This was an absolutely fantastic course; clear and highly practical from start to finish.  After 12 years in the design industry, this course has given me the practical knowledge to take my work further than before.  This course does exactly what it states. 10/10

Nick Petch | eLearning designer | 2016

I found both courses to be very informative and enjoyable. The courses build solid foundations through structured content and expansive assignments.   I am grateful to Annie for almost immediate feedback and great advice: a truly interesting and informative course.

Lala Day | eLearning Trainer, UK | 2015

I have really loved doing this course and look forward to doing the next one. Thank you for the feedback you have given me, I have found it extremely helpful.  The course provided me with a wealth of valuable resources and modeled a range of manageable, yet challenging learning tasks.

Marita Nicholas | Secondary School Teacher | 2015

I found the course ‘Foundations of Effective Instructional Design’ very eye-opening for someone with no experience as any kind of trainer or educator.

Nick Turner | IT | 2015

The Foundations of Effective Instructional Design course has given me great base knowledge of learning principals, which will assist in launching an online learning business.  The format of self-paced, with feedback regarding assignments worked well for me.

Brad | Online learning business manager | 2014

I thoroughly enjoyed doing the instructional Design Method course. The course provided me with greater insight into each of the stages in the Instructional Design Method. The assessment tasks are thought provoking and you always receive timely and valuable feedback to them.

KIerry Gottlieb | Lawyer | 2014

The Instructional Design Australia 2 day course provided the team with a comprehensive induction into the ID method. The course afforded the opportunity to reflect on present project development considerations and on previous project processes.

Gareth Tucker | Northern Territory Government | 2013