Harness AI in learning design with our custom-made GPT!

AI for Instructional Design

AI for Instructional Design


Learn from the wealth of strategies and tips designed to seamlessly integrate AI into your instructional design toolkit.

Custom ai assistant

Journey through the end-to-end instructional design process with our specialised ChatGPT, which encapsulates years of wisdom to assist you in your projects.

In-depth prompting guide

 Unlock a collection of expertly crafted prompts that serve as a blueprint for your AI interactions, ensuring you ask the right questions for the right answers.


Whether you need to generate course outlines, design activities, craft assessments or produce content at scale, our AI Course is your shortcut to streamlining the entire process.

You’ll be flexing those instructional design muscles like never before, while saving a ton of time and effort.

Our AI Course is like giving your instructional design skills a bionic upgrade. We’re not talking about some generic ChatGPT experience either. This is a custom AI assistant meticulously trained by our team of instructional designers who live and breathe this stuff.

This AI sidekick will be your personal guide through the entire ADDIE process, from analysing learner needs to evaluating the final product. It’s designed to assist you at every step, dishing out tailored advice, examples, and pro tips tuned specifically for crafting killer learning experiences.

But here’s the real game-changer – our in-depth prompting guide. We’ll teach you how to speak the AI’s language, so you can extract precise, relevant and accurate responses, every single time. No more hit-or-miss queries that leave you with a puzzle of irrelevant info to sift through.

And because we know AI isn’t magic (yet), we’ll also share insights into its limitations and how to navigate them like a pro. From double-checking references to adding that essential human touch, we’ve got you covered.

This program is ideal for anyone who…

  • Wants to streamline their course creation process and save time with a personal AI assistant trained by instructional design experts
  • Needs to quickly generate high-quality course outlines, activities and assessments
  • Wishes to leverage the power of AI to enhance their instructional design skills
  • Seeks to stay ahead of the curve by embracing cutting-edge AI technologies
  • Requires guidance on crafting effective AI prompts for precise and relevant outputs
  • Appreciates learning about AI’s limitations and best practices for optimal results
  • Strives to continuously innovate and push the boundaries of instructional design

What will this program help you to do?

Construct clear, specific prompts to elicit desired outputs from AI tools for instructional design tasks.

Design engaging learning activities, case studies, scenarios, video storyboards, podcast scripts and infographics with the aid of an AI assistant.

Create learning outcomes, learning activities, content and assessments by leveraging AI capabilities.

Validate the quality, accuracy and contextual relevance of AI-generated outputs for instructional use.


What's the buzz?

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About us

Who are we?

We’re curious crafters of meaningful and impactful learning experiences. Leaders in the world of instructional design since 2009, we are proud to have partnered with key organisations across diverse industries. More than learning designers; we’re capability shifters.

We’re part of the Discover Learning Group

Who do we work with?

Our courses


We offer a range of instructional design courses and products.


instructional design basics

Master the end-to-end process of instructional design, drawing on the popular and industry-respected ADDIE model. Developed by our team of instructional design experts, this program offers key insights and practical tools to build exceptional learning design skills.

instructional design PLUS

Kick-start a portfolio – apply learning theories, instructional design principles and innovative technologies; practise using your new templates and guides to create impactful programs; and experience personalised coaching sessions tailored to your needs, providing targeted feedback and support.

(Instructional Design Basic course + 3 x 90 min coaching sessions)

instructional design for teams

Enhance your team’s instructional design skills with our tailored program – a perfect blend of theory, practical tools and collaborative learning.

(Instructional Design PLUS course + Team Huddles)

Making r.i.s.e. sing

Stand out from the crowd and wow your learners by creating outstanding Rise 360 courses that are both engaging and beautiful. Learn what you can achieve when you have the right approach and tools.


Instructional design ADDIE Toolkit

Streamline your instructional design process with our ADDIE toolkit. Featuring detailed templates and guides, it simplifies creating engaging learning experiences, ensuring you deliver professionally crafted and visually appealing learning materials that ‘WOW’ your clients.

(Subject to our licence.)

Activity cards

Energise your workshops and meetings with our versatile warmup, group bonding and share-it activities!

These customisable activity cards include over 40 ‘battle-tested’ activities to spark engagement and enhance learning in any workshop or meeting.


AI for Instructional Design


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