As a highly qualified, practicing Instructional Designer with 30 years of experience in education, the last 12 years as an Instructional Designer, Annette Devilee Whish (MLS&TGC, Cert IV WT, B.ED) is the ideal person to write, design, develop and deliver courses on Instructional Design. In response to the many people looking for short inexpensive courses on Instructional Design, Annette has created these courses to meet this demand.

Why choose these courses?

Technology is changing rapidly but the principles of how you should design your courses won’t change.  The methods that will help you go through the design process wont change either.  Certificate I Foundations of Effective Instructional Design and Certificate II The Instructional Design Method,  will focus on the knowledge and skills that will endure the changing technological landscape. What you learn in these courses can be applied to face-to-face learning or online learning. These courses will give you knowledge and skills to use though out your career.  

What are the courses?


The aim of the course is to give students a firm footing in the historical and scientific foundations of Instructional Design. It gathers insight from both traditional and contemporary instructional design theory and practice. It is designed for people who have done little or no instructional design before. This online course will give a broad overview of the following topics: Defining the Field of Instructional Design, Professional Ethics and Guidelines, Learning Theories, Learning Science and Designing technology-based learning resources. View all

The purpose of this course is to introduce the design model in the simplest way so that participants can quickly gain enough understanding to apply it to their own work. You will have the chance to make sense of the design model and see how it can be applied in case studies. The aim is for you to learn how to use the framework to guide you through the instructional design process in your workplace. View all

This is a two day face-to-face course designed for delivery to small groups. It was first run for the Defence Information Services Branch 2012. This course is designed for professionals already experienced and working in related fields who want to learn more about Instructional Design without long disruptions to their work. We provide this course to businesses and institutions who have groups of four or more people. At this stage we do not provide this face-to-face course to individuals. The online courses are designed for individuals. View all