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Case Study: Leadership Development Across Traditionally Siloed Roles


The Project

This project required the development of a course in rail signalling that built critical skills and knowledge around managing and leading a team.

The challenge was to align the learning experience, content, and materials with a new accredited training course, – an AQF Diploma in Rail Signalling qualification.

The Work

The overarching purpose of the program was to ensure that individuals who demonstrate potential for larger leadership roles are prepared for those future opportunities.

IDA and DLD designed and developed a program that:

  • Focussed on themes around personal, private, and public leadership
  • Introduced discipline-based ‘fireside conversations’ with leaders sharing career stories to provide insights to future leaders around the opportunities and challenges in navigating career transitions in a hospital context
  • Included manager support via a ‘Toolkit’ and embedding plan

The Outcome

Creation of an engaging, context-specific leadership program that encourages collaboration across diverse roles – leveraging evidence-based theories and principles. This offers the opportunity to not only develop consistent leadership capabilities, but also to increase awareness of cross-functional challenges and foster relationship-building across potentially siloed roles.

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