Our Design Method

The Instructional Design Consultant can be asked to complete the entire process from the Analysis through to the Evaluation or they can be asked to do just one or two parts of the process.  If a client has already determined what they need and defined the objectives then the Instructional Designer can start at the Design phase.  On occasions the client wants to develop the product on their own so the Instructional Designer may do just the Design phase.  However, a skilled Instructional Designer can carry out the entire process when required

This method is a nonlinear sequence. The oval background depicts the ability to return to previous phases or jump ahead to latter phases.

E.g.1 When defining the objectives, you might need to do more analysis.

E.g.2 When designing, you are always referring back to the objectives.

E.g.3 If you find an error when you are carrying out the testing, you may need to go back to the design and development phases.