Instructional Design Mentoring

The Instructional Design Mentor can help someone embarking on a new career of Instructional Design or help with the professional development of someone already practicing as an Instructional Designer.  The mentor can guide and build confidence.  Mentoring isn't just answering questions or providing help when it is needed. It is about establishing a relationship through listening and talking.  The Instructional Design Menotor is a 'learning expert' who will ultimately challenging the mentee.

The Senior Instructional Design Consultant, Annette Devilee, will share her expertise and experience in this relatively new field.  With 25 years’ experience in Education,  the first person to graduate from the ground-breaking Masters of Learning Science and Technology at the University of Sydney, extensive experience teaching Instructional Design and consulting for a wide range of clients, Annette is the ideal mentor.

The aim of this service is to cover costs and pay a minimum rate for time given to this mentoring service.  It will be based on a monthly fee for a set number of hours talking on the phone or writing/reading emails. The mentee is expected to pay for phone calls but to reduce costs conversations can also be carried out via Skype. 

One-of mentoring sessions can be provided for $60 p.h. face-to-face or phone/skype. Ongoing mentoring can also be conducted corresponding by emails and phone/skype calls. 


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