Foundations of Effective Instructional Design

IDA Instructional Design Certificate I

Short Online Course 

2017 enrolments now closed  
This course is available from 6 January 2018

How can you design learning resources if you don't understand how people learn?

How can you make instructional design decisions if you are not aware of STRATEGIES THAT REALLY WORK and common strategies that don’t work?

How do you make your Instructional Design Decisions?  Experience? Intuition? Careful analysis?  All those “10 tips for Instructional Designers”!  Bits and pieces from talks you’ve been to/listened to?  What other IDs are doing?  


For effective Instructional Design decisions, you need to know what the research tells us.  This course will highlight the major Learning Theories and the research findings from the Learning scientists, their implications for Instructional Design. It gives you concise and easy to follow guides on how to apply them in your work as an Instructional Designer

Course Aim

Enable students to make informed design decisions based on guidelines developed from research on Learning Theories, Multimedia Theory and the Learning Sciences.

Course Objectives

Students will be able to:

  • Discuss the field of Instructional Design and the role of an Instructional Designer. 
  • Compare and contrast the major Learning Theories and their implications for Instructional Design.
  • Choose appropriate Instructional Strategies.
  • Design multimedia learning resources that are compatible with human learning processes.

General Course Information

Target students

This course is suitable for people who have done little or no instructional design before or people who have moved into the role of Instructional Design without any formal training, people who are interested in creating, developing, and delivering learning programs for business, government, military, or not-for-profit organisations.

Course requirements

It assumes that you are comfortable with computers and navigating the internet with an interest to discover more.  No training or teaching background required

Course Dates

2017 enrolments now closed  
This course is available from 6 January 2018

Course delivery

We use the Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) and if you are not familiar with an LMS then, as an instructional designer, you need to be. Through this LMS you can access the course content; text, images, audio presentations, submit assignments, participate in online forums, collaboratively write in Wikis, reflect on your learning in a personal blog and receive the personalised feedback that makes this course come to life.

It will be delivered as a flexible online course so that participants can log on at any time.

The course takes between 12 and 20 hours to complete reading and assignments, but students are given six weeks to access the course; this allows time to make the most of the course materials, carry out more extensive research if preferred, get personalised feedback and collaborate with other students.


The cost of the ‘Foundations of Effective Instructional Design’ course cost is $520
The second course is available straight after this course:  'The Instructional Design Method'


  • Save $100 if you enrol in 'The Foundations of Effective Instructional Design' and 'The Instructional Design Method'  courses together. 
  • There are special rates if you’re unemployed - 30% discount

Conditions Apply

  • The unemployed discount is only available if you’ve been on unemployment benefits for six months or more. 
  • These courses are not transferable.
  • Course fees are not refundable once a student has accessed the course. 
  • Extensions will cost $50 per week.

Enrolment procedure

Should you wish to enrol, please submit your details below.  You will receive an invoice with details for payment after which you will receive the URL web address for the course, your username and password the week before you start.

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