Development of Multimedia Learning Resources

Note: This list is a sample. It does not necessarily represent all of Annette's experience.


Queensland University of Technology

Interactive Multimedia Tutorial

Design and Development of a resource for parents of obese children.  Developed with Articulate Storyline.  Instructional Designer for the Faculty of Health, Centre for Children’s Health Research, School of Exercise & Nutrition.

2008  The University of Sydney Multimedia Presentation of Molecular Biology Lab
This project will create an audio visual resource from existing videos to give students an insight into the context of lab skills in scientific work. This resource is designed to integrate theory and work practice. 
Learning Resource on Equine Anaesthesia
Working with an existing video to create a resource to both prepare students for the experience of anaesthetising a large animal and to provide revision. The learning resource will scaffold student learning and prepare students for professional practice.
2008  The University of Sydney Interactive Multimedia Tutorial- Video clips online for enhancement of practical skills in Neurological physiotherapy.

This was an innovative Interactive Multimedia Learning Resource made in a Flash Player. As educational designer I redesigned an existing player to meet the needs of the physiotherapist and placed the learning material within the player.