Instructional Designer - Annette Devilee Whish

Senior Instructional Design Consultant
MLS&T (Syd), GC (Syd), B.ED (Melb)

Annette was the first graduate of the Masters of Learning Science and Technology  at the University of Sydney 2007. With extensive teaching experience integrating technology into the classroom, she brought a wealth of practical experience to a disciplined approach to her academic study.

In 2008 Annette gained a permanent position with the University of Sydney, Sydney eLearning, as an Educational Designer, eLearning until she relocated to Brisbane, Queensland in 2010 and worked at QUT as a Learning Design Consultant.  More recently she worked with the Queensland Department of Education, Training and Employment.   see other clients...

Annette has established herself as a leading Instructional Design Consultant.  She has worked across four states of Australia and across fields as diverse as Medicine, Defence, Finance, Art, Education and Business demonstrating how Instructional Design can be used anywhere that Human Performance improvement is required.

Annette has 12 years' experience as an Instructional Designer and 20 years’ experience in Education.