The information you shared with us in your two day course was both practical and informative.  Most importantly for our team, it was great to see the validation of the good work we have been doing and now have the ability to see the big picture of Instructional Design. 

Jayne Bachelor | Illawarra TAFE NSW | 2013

I really enjoyed our two day Instructional Design workshop. It was a great opportunity to discuss both theoretical and practical aspects of Instructional Design. I have already found the workbook extremely valuable as a reference tool and I know it will get plenty of use in the future.

Tracey Collins | Illawarra TAFE NSW | 2013

I found this course to be very useful to me in my current role.  It has helped me to understand and apply the most effective instructional design strategies to the online learning activities I am developing.  The course itself used and demonstrated the design principles that were discussed.

Rene Hahn | e-Learning Project Manager | 2013

For me the Instructional Design Method course was informative, engaging and provided me with the opportunity to learn a significant amount about an excellent alternative to the ADDIE instructional design process. The content was thorough, but not overwhelming.

Aliki Komps | Training Facilitator | 2013

I found the Instructional Design Method course engaging and well structured. The content was user friendly and easy to follow. I found the course provided valuable contextual information and helped me find a fresh perspective on my instructional design work.

Bradley Adriaanse | L&D Consultant, Capetown, South Africa | 2013

The course provided me with what it promised: the foundations for ID. It was presented in a practical way and I have enjoyed online learning as the flexibility suited me. So the course has been exactly what I needed for now.

Nadia Wassef : Foundations of Effective Instructional Design Course | 2012

The content is logically presented and easy to work through. The value came from having to complete the program and knowing someone was overseeing it. I could have read books on the subject and got the same information – but then so could anyone who does a course.

Craig Wallace | Foundations of Effective Instructional Design Course | 2012

I believe that Annie has a lot of knowledge to share with the wider ID / learning community and through courses like this, it will help me to move further into a field that I have felt has just been out of my reach for some time.  It has provided a standard for me to work by.

Janine Wyborn | Foundations of Effective Instructional Design Course | 2012

Immediately I thought the content was clear, concise and I was able to relate to it. I have already recommended this course to others and look forward to more courses.

Nina Klein | Foundations of Effective Instructional Design Course | 2012

Overall, the course certainly had me thinking and referring to other sources for information, including discussions with colleagues. A lot of this course will stick with me. I am so pleased I did this course. It certainly has helped me realise the gaps in my learning.

Alison Griffin Faruk | Foundations of Effective Instructional Design | 2012