Online Course Development

2011 – 2013 Instructional Design Australia ‘Foundations of Effective Instructional Design’ and ‘The Instructional Design Method’
This course is developed in the Moodle Learning Management System.
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Queensland University of Technology
Corporate Education Courses: ‘Executive Masters of Complex Project Management EMCPM’ and ‘Executive Masters of Strategic Procurement EMBSP’
These Masters courses were developed in Blackboard 9.1. They contained class announcements, unit and assessment details, assignment Dropboxes, extensive Learning Guides, six Modules, library readings, web links, PowerPoint presentations, group discussion forums, Ellumiante rooms and various other online tools. Each unit also had a printed Study Guide.
The University of Sydney

Teaching Critical Thinking Online - The Biochemistry of Obesity.
In addition to delivering the content for the course, this site introduces an innovative way of teaching students how to formulate and articulate their own opinions on research papers. This is done through a series of steps, breaking the papers down into small sections for investigation and discussion in groups of four students. This project also called for the design and development of animated learning objects to assist students to understand complex concepts. One such concept was the Eugyclemic Clamp developed in Flash (action script).

Advanced Animal Genetics
The purpose of this project was to redesign an old website for a fully online post graduate course. The existing course had all the course material on one very long pdf document. This was broken down into modules. Each module consisted of an overview, outcomes, modules, self-assessment quizzes, practicals and their solutions. This site format has become the model for other VET sites that still contain very long pdf documents really only suitable for printing.

2008 The University of Sydney Multimedia Simulation of Medical Case Studies - A pilot blended unit of study in Transplantation for the Masters of Surgery.

This fully online course delivered audio visual lectures through the streaming Lectopia server. The quiz tool in the Learning Management System was used to simulate medical case studies. The doctors/students would be presented with a patient's case information and be asked to answer questions, before they could proceed to the next phase of the case study. The lecturer would mark their answers then set up an assessable discussion based on the student's answers.
2006 The University of Sydney A Moodle Module on Investing and Borrowing Money for Year 9-10 students.

2004 - 5
Bowral High School NSW

Design and Development of School Intranet sites – The staff site was for daily news, and the distribution of teaching resources.  The student site was for computing courses and a showcase of student works.