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Annette Devilee was one of the first Australian to gain formal qualifications in the area of Instructional Design: Masters of Learning Science and Technology, with Merit, University of Sydney, 2007.    She has gained first class experience working in a wide variety of settings including universities, businesses and various government sectors.

At the University of Sydney she worked as an Educational Designer eLearning with Sydney eLearning then at Queensland University of Technology QUT as a Learning Design Consultant and the Department of Education, Training and Employment (DETE) Queensland as an Instructional Designer. Now working in her own business as a Senior Instructional Design Consultant, her skills and knowledge have proven to be invaluable to both the government sector and business. 

People are beginning to realise that Instructional Design can make a huge difference to the quality of learning materials.

Consultancy Services Offered.

Annette has extensive qualifications and experience in Instructional Design / Educational Design / Learning Design. She offers a comprehensive service advising on course design and development to meet the learning objectives and the needs of the learners.

I can work with your from beginning to end; designing and developing the project.  Alternatively I can design the product  so that your developer can develop and implement the design.  

My experience includes the redesign of assessment tasks to meet competencies, giving practical ways to help face to face teachers to engage their students, assist with an art newsletter to make it more accessible to the reader, transform large amounts of text into a format that can be used in an online resource. 

Instructional Design can be applied to anything that includes
Human Performance Improvement.


Instructional Design Australia office is located in Highgate Hill, close to the centre of Brisbane QLD Australia. Consultancy can be done face-to-face or remotely.  Communication can be completely online through Email and Skype.

Terms of Engagementtop

Clients need to send a brief outline of work to  You will then be sent the terms of engagement and a pricing guide. Phone consultation will not be entered into until there is an agreement. Please appreciate that intellectual property is a 'slippery' commodity so you will be charged from the beginning of the initial consultation.